Abundance and prosperity crystal grid


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Crystals Used:
1 Large Citrine
3 Yellow Jade Tumble Stones
3 Pyrite Tumble Stones
8 Clear Quartz Crystal Points
Sacred Geometry Meaning:
The Octagram taps into abundance, prosperity and supports growth. The
Flower of Life helps with manifesting.
(1) Central Stone: Citrine
In position 1 place a large Citrine crystal. Citrine attracts wealth and
prosperity. This crystal can be substituted with Tiger’s Eye.
(2) Inner Support Stones: Yellow Jade
In position 2 place the three Yellow Jade Tumble Stones. Yellow Jade is a good
stone for abundance. These crystals can be substituted with Green Jade,
Green Aventurine or Moss Agate.
(3) Inner Support Stones: Pyrite
In position 3 place the three Pyrite Tumble Stones. Pyrite is used for
attracting prosperity. These crystals can be substituted with Lodestone or
Tiger’s Eye, if not already used.
(4) Outer Support Stones: Clear Quartz
In position 4 arrange the eight Clear Quartz Crystal Points, pointing
outwards. The Clear Quartz crystals will focus, direct and amplify the
energies and intention of the grid

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