Abundance Crystal Grid


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This is a simple Crystal Grid for creating abundance, prosperity and wealth.
You can use it to help create a better financial flow in your life. It may lead
you towards ways of increasing or creating a more steady income. Write an
affirmation of your intention on a small piece of paper. Fold this and place it
under the Central Stone.
You could also use an image to illustrate the type of abundance you want to
manifest. Place this with the note under the Central Stone.
Crystals Used:
1 Large or Medium Citrine
6 Clear Quartz Crystal Points
Sacred Geometry Meaning:
The Flower of Life supports all purposes and connects with the Universe. It is
a tool for manifesting.
(1) Central Stone: Citrine
In position 1 place a large or medium sized Citrine crystal in the center of the
grid. Citrine attracts abundance and helps create a successful mindset. This
crystal can be substituted with Yellow Jade, Green Jade, Green Aventurine or
(2) Support Stones: Clear Quartz
In position 2 arrange the six Clear Quartz Crystal Points, pointing outwards.
The Clear Quartz crystals will focus, direct and amplify the energies and
intention of the grid.

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