Black agate polished 1 piece


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Black Agate is most associated with the base chakra. This connection is believed to help the wearer/holder by grounding them psychologically and emotionally, allowing them to experience more profound intuition. It supposedly unlocks inner thoughts and emotions, enabling the recognition of harmful patterns of behavior. The stabilization gained from black Agate may help to bring a deep sense of calm.
The information contained in this section is metaphysical in nature. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment.


Black Agate is mainly used as a gem and jewelry stone. It is suitable for cabochons and beads, and larger pieces are used in decorative carvings, since this stone is quite durable and takes a high polish. Human use of chalcedony dates back as far as 32,000 years ago when it was used in tool-making in Australia.

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